Scientific enquiry is the way forward.

Scientific Evidence

The scientific evidence is overwhelming. We have a climate and environmental emergency that threatens our children’s future and even the survival of humanity. Climate-elders will speak the truth and will act with urgency for the well-being of future and current generations.


As a climate-elder I am standing for election to Environment Canterbury where I will avoid blaming anyone for past actions. Instead I will take responsibility for fighting to reverse the environmental and climate damage that has been, and is still being caused

Dr Phil Driver, climate-elder

Our children and grandchildren know that the climate crisis threatens their lives and their families’ lives.

As a Cantabrian, grandad, PhD scientist, engineer, businessman, tramper and climate-elder I care about their future.

So I will prioritise clean, safe drinking water, a stable climate, swimmable rivers and an ecologically and economically resilient environment over short term profits from pollution (which creates unforgiveable and unacceptable costs for future generations).

I understand the science of climate change and its serious social, environmental, cultural and economic impacts. I’ve learned what we must do before it’s too late.

I represent our community on three water management committees. I lecture and consult internationally on large-scale public strategies which are driven by communities’ aspirations.

With the return of democracy to ECAN, the true interests of our communities can again be served and lead the restoration of Canterbury’s well-being.

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